About UPML

The Ukrainian Physics and Mathematics Lyceum is a full secondary education institution of scientific orientation with specialized study in physics and mathematics subjects, starting from the 8th grade. The lyceum annually admits gifted students from all corners of Ukraine. The language of instruction is Ukrainian, but the key to the world, English, is taught here as well.

For a decade, the lyceum has consistently ranked among the top five general education institutions in the country. The lyceum has a set daily schedule that allows time for academics, sports, general development, and personal free time. Each student sets their own priorities, but there are general requirements that must be followed.

Students attend classes six days a week. After classes, they have the opportunity to attend extracurricular activities in various directions, led by lyceum and university teachers, and lyceum alumni who are well-versed in specific subjects. Here, the pursuit of knowledge isn’t limited to textbooks alone. Most actively, students prepare for Olympiads in mathematics, physics, informatics, and chemistry, but they also do not neglect other areas of preparation.

Each week revolves around a particular subject; various mass events are held weekly in connection with this: concerts, evenings, trips to the cinema, theater, and excursions. For such holidays like Teacher’s Day, New Year’s, March 8th, etc., students organize concerts.

After lessons and until the evening, the lyceum’s gymnasium is open. Students, with the help of physical education teachers, organize various sports competitions in football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, etc. There is also a gym where everyone interested can work out. For students whose health condition does not allow for physical exertion, teachers work individually. Students also have the opportunity to visit the university’s swimming pool.

The lyceum has 4 computer labs with internet access, a multimedia smart-lab with language lab capabilities, chemical and physical laboratories, a library, a reading room, an auditorium, and two sports halls.

What truly sets Lyceum graduates apart is their indomitable spirit. They emerge as purpose-driven, independent thinkers, gifted with analytical prowess, critical thought, and the tenacity to take on the world. This illustrious institution has birthed scientists, IT wizards, entrepreneurs, doctors, writers, educators, and defenders of justice. It’s not just a place of learning; it’s a sanctuary for the gifted minds from every corner of the country and a launchpad for greatness.

The future is never random – it’s created!

The lives of lyceum students are rich and exciting. They not only study physics and mathematics at a high level but also develop their talents and interests in various fields.

Starting from this academic year, eighth-graders are able to choose an additional specialization that best suits their interests and future plans. We introduced innovations into the eighth-grade curriculum.

In 8-A class, physics is taught in English, helping our students become familiar with modern scientific terminology and improve their language skills.

In 8-B class, the focus is on computer science and information technology, which are an integral part of modern life.

In 8-C class, chemistry is studied intensively, opening up limitless possibilities for our students to explore the natural world and materials.

In the meantime, we invite you to watch a video from the Communications Center of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv about the life and daily routine of lyceum students.

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